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We used to visit every week...

Visiting the library as a child, it always felt like Christmas came early.

From the moment we stepped inside the library’s doors, our mom gave us free reign (of the kid’s section, of course)

We could pick any book, fiction or nonfiction, to bring home.

I remember coming back with stacks of horse novels, encyclopedias, and Magic Treehouse books.

We’d go there every week, and that five book limit never seemed like enough.

Years later, my little siblings are old enough to read to themselves. Yet they rarely visit the library.

They’re still reading, of course.

But my mom can’t let them run free in the library any more.

As if the pride flags and drag queen story hours aren’t enough, the books they find end up filled with content seven year olds should not be reading.

Often the adult books are even worse. It’s hard to be inspired, educated, or encouraged when you’re screening each book for potential content.

It's exhausting to have to do so to protect each of your children, let alone for yourself.

Sadly, it seems the era of loving library visits is starting to disappear. I still feel a pang of longing when I pass by our local library. That was a place of so much adventure, learning, and excitement.

Now it’s a monument to how our culture has fallen.

This leaves us with an important question: where can we find the uplifting, Christ honoring books we should be reading?

It’s a question that’s plagued us for too long.

And it’s why we created CrossCurrent.

We want a place the whole family is welcome: a safe harbor for family friendly, biblical books and podcasts that will lift you up and strengthen your faith.

A place children can safely enjoy their favorite stories. A place parents can listen to podcasts and be encouraged, not exhausted. A place filled with heartfelt reads for the whole family, no matter their age.

When we saw there was nowhere like that, we went out and created one.

CrossCurrent is the safe haven for books filled with Christian values, the home you’ve been waiting for