About our President, Claton Butcher

A former worship leader/music pastor and audiobook narrator, Claton is also the founder of multiple successful audiobook publishing companies. His companies have published or produced audiobooks of authors to the likes of John Stonestreet (The Colson Center), Janette Oke (When Calls the Heart), The Babylon Bee, Joel C. Rosenberg, Senator Josh Hawley, Jonathan Cahn (Return of the Gods), etc.; and have worked with nearly every major Christian publishing company and many conservative publishers. The latest calling of the Lord on his life is his current role as the Founder and President of CrossCurrent Digital. He lives in the Black Hills of South Dakota with his beautiful family - his wife and two daughters.

Why is CrossCurrent Necessary?

In case you are not sure if a platform like CrossCurrent Digital is necessary, we recently put on a conference that deals with many of the issues we are tackling. We invite you to take a deep dive with us as we learn from faith and industry leaders.

Hold at All Hazards

What are the issues that we as believers need to take a stand on and "Hold at All Hazards"? What are the lines in the sand that we must refuse to cross?

John Stonstreet and Dr. Joe Rigney join us for the discussion of these critical issues.

The Importance of Books in Faith and Culture

Dr. Douglas Groothuis, Dr. Owen Strahan, and Katy Faust join this discussion on how critical it is for books to be available. They also touch on the differences in "book banning" - a popular topic right now in schools and libraries around the country - and keeping inappropriate material away from our children.

The Importance of a Parallel Economy

Chuck Barnham (Freedom Square), Heather Wilson (GiveSendGo), and Andrew Riddaugh (Liberation Tek) discuss what a parallel economy is, why it's important to Christians and conservatives, and how to bring it about.

Cancel Culture Comes to Audiobooks

Award winning narrators John Pruden and Pamela Almand join Claton Butcher in discussing the sometimes severe consequences of narrating audiobooks that push back on the "unquestionable" issues in our culture, or even when personal stances on those issues become known throughout the audiobook world.

Narrator Round Table

Take a peek behind the curtain - or into the recording booth - of award-winning narrators Adam Verner, Pamela Almand, and Jim Denison.

Authors and Reader Engagement

Award-winning Christian fiction authors Jen Turano, Laura Frantz, and Pepper Basham join us for a discussion on how they engage with readers like you.

The Origin Story

Claton Butcher, President of CrossCurrent Digital, discusses the origin of CrossCurrent with our friends at Freedom Square.