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​Are you looking for books that lift you up? We’re here to help. With CrossCurrent, you don’t need to agonize about unwanted content and agendas in your books and podcasts. We’re home to thousands of faith-based and family friendly books and podcasts that hold to traditional values. Browse our growing library of more than 7000 books and our large library of curated podcasts, and start enjoying the content your soul needs.

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Once, you could let your kids bring
home any book from the library.

The Problem Today

Now, you’re left worrying about the scenes they’ll stumble across. Too often, you have to put down a book because of the content inside. It’s discouraging to be bombarded with messages that oppose your values. You don’t have to let the world wear you down. Let us be your home for faith-based and family friendly books and podcasts you can love and learn from.

Browse Our Safe Library of Over 7,000 Books

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CrossCurrent is your solution. Stop worrying about the content in your books and the messages you’ll stumble across. Instead, find yourself at home in a library of books and podcasts that lift you up and strengthen your faith. We have what your soul needs. Sign up and start reading today. We can’t wait to welcome you to the CrossCurrent family.

Our Mission

To provide a safe harbor for faith-based and family friendly digital content that shares your values.