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Books that fight the darkness

Books that fight the darkness: Learning from Narnia, just like Lucy

Lucy was scared.

A young girl sent away from her parents, fleeing the air raids in London, she didn’t feel like a valiant queen. Surely queens didn’t feel this frightened.

When she stumbled through the wardrobe in that nostalgic story we’re all so familiar with, she was still a little girl unsure of who she was.

She could have escaped into Narnia forever, using this magical new land to hide from the terrors of the real world.

Instead, her time in Narnia helped that little girl grow into Queen Lucy the Valiant. And when she did return to her world, she had matured. She’d found out just who she was, and developed the tools she needed to face her frightening world.

While we might not be able to explore Narnia in person, we can experience it alongside Lucy and her siblings.

We can learn those same valuable lessons, finding hope in our own dark world, as we adventure through Narnia, Middle Earth, or any other fictional world.

Because the stories we’ve been given aren’t here as an escape. They’re here to inspire us. To uplift us. To help us understand the world better.

We’re faced with darkness, hard choices, and evil every day.

While some people would be tempted to use fiction as merely an escape from that darkness, stories are meant to be so much more than that.

They mimic the world around us— and they inspire us.

They show us others struggling, facing big questions, and making the right choice.

Just like Lucy’s time in Narnia helped her to grow, the books we read can equip us to face the world we’re in.

So what books have helped you to grow, make the right choice, and face this world we’re in?

Are you still struggling to find those good, encouraging books in a sea of mediocre ones?

We understand. And our mission with CrossCurrent is to provide you with thousands of those good, inspiring books designed to equip us for life.

When you browse our library, you may not find as many titles as there are on secular platforms. But you will find the books your soul needs.